Another Dilemna: Which Club to Join?

As well as the dreadful towel dilemna, it is taking me a long time to figure out which club to join. Annoyingly, we don’t get this as part of our package as we did in our last country, so I am really having to grapple with the problem quite aggressively during my free time.

I’ve been to the Tanglin, the British, and the American, and they all have their own pros and cons, as per my lengthy list. The major con with the latter is that we’re not American so we would have to wait for years potentially, and pay a ton.

The British one is lovely and green, but it’s rather far for us, and I didn’t come all this way to meet more Brits. British Expaterati can be so annoying (not the ones I’m friends with, of course! Love you ladies!!). That stereotype of Brits not speaking the local language, and just talking at people really loudly instead is abso completo gospel truth. I do think that lots of (not all!!) British abroad go around expecting special treatment, and believe that we still rule the seas. How ridic. Everyone knows that America does that. Don’t these people read?? Or at least watch CNN at the gym? FGS, I shake my head in despair, I really do.

The Tanglin is also v nice. There’s just this issue of having to be seconded and thirded by a long-standing member, and have dinners there or something, so the process takes months. It’s like becoming a barrister. If we had started as soon as we had arrived we would be ensconced by now, but with every passing day, I just cannot make up my mind.

So we remain, to this day, club-less and virtually towel-less. It’s starting to depress me rather intensely : (. Actually, I’ve been feeling totes emosh all day. And very hot, especially when I’m outside. God, I hope it’s not the menopause come early.

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