The Help Part Two

Some helpers here wear uniforms, and I have it on good authority that there is an important reason for this. My source – who knows a lot about this stuff – tells me that it is to make them appear more servile, but more interestingly, to make them less attractive to “Sir”. OMG, how ridic!!

She said that she has known helpers to ask their ma’ams during the induction phase, “Do you want me to also service Sir, ma’am?”. Argh and ugh! These poor women, if that is what they’re accustomed to. She wasn’t talking about Singapore though. It would definitely not happen here. Here they have laws about that kind of despicable activity.

When we chose our help, one of my priorities was that she did not appear overly-servile. Quite the opposite, in fact. Our helper is tall (well, you know, relatively speaking; not compared to Scandinavian women or whatever), very pretty (well, you know, also relatively speaking), and has long glossy hair. She looks healthy. Well-nourished. She has a bit of umph about her. Self-esteem, and all that. And no kids back home. It would just make me feel too awful if she had left her children to come and look after mine. I could abso not bear that.

The only thing about her being so well-groomed is that I do wonder if she has a little online business on the side. I don’t wish to spell it out, of course, but I’ve seen her bras hanging out to dry, and I think they’re rather racy. Plus, I’ve seen her photos on social media apps, and they’d rather racy too.

Oh, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t like to speak ill of her. Would she even know how to set up that kind of thing? PayPal can be quite complicated.

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