Musician or Hedge Fund Manager?

Last night, Don and I went to see a band called Snarky Puppy. They were playing in the most un-Singaporean venue I’ve been to here thus far. Honestly, I felt like I was back at uni in the 1990’s, it was so grungey. I didn’t realise they had grunge here at all. I thought that sort of thing was caned out of them at school.

Bless them, there are so many band members in Snarky Puppy, I suppose they had to book a cheapie venue to break even on their travel and excess baggage costs (a lot of instruments!!). At least they were super-clever, in that they flew to Australia immediately afterwards, and didn’t have to pay for accommodation here. It was sweet that they mentioned going for chili crab at Long Beach. Definitely a crowd-pleaser.

What I loved about the performance was that these young chaps really played their hearts out. There were quite a few bits when I thought, “Ohforgodssake, is there a tune here?”, or “No one is enjoying this solo/ duo as much as you are”, but all in all, I thought they were abso loverly. I really liked that keyboard player centre-stage. Mmmmmmmmm. Don’t tell Don!! (Or Will : ))

The interesting thing was that they all looked so young. I’m young myself, of course, but it made me think about my aspirations for Max. Max plays the violin and the piano, and although I am aware that he has no great gift (like I keep telling him, he’s awful), when I see how much fun these musicians have on stage, I think how wonderful it would be for our little boy to have a passion for an instrument.

Then I think, do I want Max to be financially challenged, unable to settle down, and behave like a narcissistic child for the rest of his life, just because of a passion for music??

No, I don’t think so. I would prefer that he speaks fluent Mandarin and manages a hedge fund. Isn’t that what every parent wants for their child?

5 thoughts on “Musician or Hedge Fund Manager?

  1. How do you know Snarky Puppy band members aren’t majority shareholders in companies that manage hedge funds? Tsk tsk. Sounds like you need to engage in some Karaoke to let off some steam. 😉

    • Hmmmm, Mr Doom Patrolman. Always so smarty-pants.
      You’re right, I don’t know, but I would bet Milly AND the dog that I am. How about I tweet @realsnarkypuppy to find out? Or how about you tweet them, since you raise the issue and I have parties to go to today?
      (Karaoke?! Where are you? North Korea???)
      EJ x

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