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Last night I was watching this awesomeness show on Starworld that I’ve been following avidly from the treadmill every week. Starworld is the only channel I watch since finding out that it delivers “the best entertainment solution to trend setters and story seekers of Asia”. (Until I start vlogging, babeses!!!) When I read that, I thought, LOLs yeah whatevs peeps; but then I started watching it and OMG, it’s totes truesome!

The show is called Fit for Fashion, and the final had me on the edge of my seat. It was about a bunch of peeps around Asia getting their fit on over four months, and having their looks and attitudes transformed to become hotties, inside and out. And they so did that! The final three contestants, Kristina, Matty and Citira (the expat wife, yay us!!) were not only hotties by the end, but they were mega-athletic, like serioso hard-core! They had to do a race where they ran around and did super difficult stuff, turning a mahusiv tyre over and over again, and running across a rickety floating bridge, carrying buckets of water.

I thought Citira was a-goner when she fell off the bridge, but she kept going, telling herself: “Brush it off”, “Kick it into gear”, and “Like a ninja, like a ninja, like a ninja”. She would probably be almost as good at life coaching as I would, with catch phrases like that. I should get my peeps to call her peeps to discuss teaming up.

So, she made it to the final challenge, the catwalk at KL Fashion Week. “I’m gonna own that runway!”, she said, and she totes did. In her words, she looked “amazeballs” (she even talks a bit like me!! Luv ya, babes!).

Photo credit: Fitness First

Photo credit: Fitness First

I was so happy for her, and not at all jealous of her fabbo biceps, or the fact she got to hang out with Dame Zandra Rhodes. I’m her biggest fan. She’s my hairoine!! (Except her hair colour is clearly fake, whereas mine is more natural-looking.)

Photo credit: Fitness First

Photo credit: Fitness First

What was so mucho moving was when Citira said how far she has come, and that a year ago, she was a normal mum, and “it wasn’t about me anymore”. Tell me about it, expat sista! I feel your pain!!

She said she had lost her dreams and her self-esteem, but now she had “got it all back”. I could so relate! I’m defo going to be on Season Two next year. I could win that thing! I’d look “amazeballs” on the catwalk too!!

While I’m waiting to be asked to take part, I’m going to do the free Fitness First trial. So sweet of those nice gym peeps to do that. Maybe when the celebrity trainer and Fitness First big guy, Mitch Chilson, finds out about me, he’ll be my personal trainer. These people know how important it is to nurture new talent.

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