My Little Froo Froo Is On The Mend

0001-54821555Froo Froo dog, bless her, started her therapy regime yesterday. To help her manage Milly’s aggression towards her, the doggie therapist suggested assertiveness training followed by massage to help her relax.

She made immediate progress with her assertivenessity. The therapist used a CBT technique called “swamping”. She showed the Froofster a picture of Mills, waved her hairbrush under her nose to get the scent, and then started kicking her. At first Froof did her usual cowering, wetting herself thing, but then the assistant whispered something in the dog’s ear and rang a bell. Froo looked again at the photo, and this time, she started to growl!! Amazo! I’ve never heard her growl before. The therapist gave her a treat, kicked her again, and Froo growled even louder, baring her teeth. Then she got hold of the picture of Mills in her mouth, and tore it apart.

Next she had her massage and OMG, she loved it!!:

Job done! $2,000 well spent, if you ask me. This therapy lark is awesomeness.

5 thoughts on “My Little Froo Froo Is On The Mend

  1. A friend of mine has forwarded your website to me.You are rediculous. You are looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses…disgusting waste of human being.There is so much in this world to give and not to take!!!Instead of spending insane amount of money on your overly pampered dog you could have donate money to charity.My husband and I just got back from a missionary mission in Cambodia.We helped those poor people and spread the Word about Our Lord.

    • But babes, that like totes not v friendly or v Christian to call me ridic & disgusting. I do loads for charity. Plus Froo Froo is a my beloved sweet doggie & charity starts at home, right? AND Jesus said that dogs are man’s bff & not just for xmas. He also said to love thy neighbour… & maybe I’m your neighbour, hon.
      EJ x

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