Revenge Phase Three: Don (Need your help with this…)

Since my twofold betrayal, I have come to realise that I have few truly trusted confidantes other than you, dear readers. Because you are so precious to me, and I value your opinions, I would like your input for Revenge Phase Three: Don.

I have therefore thusly come up with a list of possible ways in which to proceed. Do feel free to add your own ideas. I need a few more, but I’m so busy with all this revenge and relocation business that it’s hard to focus on anything properly. At least tonight I’m taking some time out to hang with my girlies. Oyster Bar Ladies’ Night, yeehaaaaaa!! Hope to see some of you there, babeses!


7 thoughts on “Revenge Phase Three: Don (Need your help with this…)

  1. “Spike his morning coffee with huge quantities of Viagra so that he can be upstanding throughout his workday.”
    That is hilarious! 😀

  2. Obviously number 1 is the only choice. You certainly wouldn’t want to go with number 5 and risk him getting sacked – you’ve gotta think about your settlement! Dig your heels in and refuse to move back to UK, why would you? Immediately contact top notch London family lawyer for advice. Do NOT under any circumstances agree to a Singapore divorce, it will not serve you. UK law is far more favourable – even a Singapore divorce lawyer will tell you that. You can start all your UK proceedings from Singapore, no problem, I divorced without even entering the UK during it all. Have “the big chat” with Don immediately and let him know he’s so busted, obviously whilst making a massive scene (away from the kids, tough). Some tough times ahead, but keep your wits about you – be smart! Surround yourself with the girlfriends and tell EVERYONE. This is not your shame, it’s his and you need all the sympathy you can get! Down the line all will be fine, you’ll meet someone amazing who appreciates your amazingness. In the meantime, go out and thoroughly enjoy the attention from the toy boys!

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