How Shocking Is This?!

Well something dreadfully shocking has happened today. What a summer of shocks this is turning out to be!! Even more shocking than my Shocking Expat Unfoldments, Part One, Two, and Three, and they were pretty damn shocking.

I was in the midst of taking all the pricey stuff I was going to sell off the classifieds (now that I don’t need the cash, hurrah!!) when Flo messaged me, saying, “OMG, have you heard????”

Now Flo, much as I love her (despite our difficult conversation last week), is a major goss, so I assumed she was going to tell me about the latest Expaterati marital eff-up.

I responded: “Do you mean about that neighbour of mine who caught her husband in bed with another neighbour of mine? It’s an Emerald Hill Road expat epidemic of epic proportions argh!!”

Then she sent me a link. To this…


Isn’t that shockingly shocking, dear readers?! And her such an accomplished swimmer, too. Oh dearie dearie me.

I must fly as I’ve got a hair appointment. Chlorine is just so dreadful for my locks. That’s why we have salt water in our rooftop pool, but I suppose in a condo they can’t choose the chemical components of their pool water. Life is harsh and brutal like that sometimes, even on this hallowed glittering isle of never-ending sunshine.

Please note: This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. See About Page for further disclaimer.

One thought on “How Shocking Is This?!

  1. Liz might have had the last word with her snarky little comment, but at least you’re still alive and get to enjoy your new-found wealth! Looks like karma’s on your side, EJ! 😉

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