I decided to add this page because I think you can really get to know a person based on their musical tastes. Also, I couldn’t go to meditation this morning because it was such a late one last night, so I wanted to do something constructive and get this started.

If you have any expat or expaterati-relevant tracks, please let me know! Especee,but not exclusee, treadmill tracks plz. TIA!


Treadmill Track

So, for my first DJ EJ track, I’m thinking Clean Bandit’s Rihanna. The live version is a bit slow, but the one on the album is perfect for the treadmill, somewhere between a fast walk and a canter.

What I love about this track is that it’s v eclectic – just like me, and every other expat wife I know. It mentions Nirvana and Rihanna in the same song (when else does that happen?!), has those lovely classical tones from the cello, and it also takes me away to a Caribbean beach. Mmmmmm St Lucia. (Except for those scary jump up parties. They can get a bit nasty.)


Late-Night Chill Chune

Having joined the twitterati, I stumbled vicariously on a lovely british band called London Grammar, and I abso <3 this divine late-night chill song.

It’s annoying/ ridic that people so young can express such depth of understanding about things they surely aren’t wise enough to understand. Then again, maybe they do understand, and it’s us in our older (ish) years who don’t understand anymore, so we forget we ever did and assume they don’t. Anyway. What-evs. Still mega-likee.


 One For My Girlies

Ok so this lovely Londony choon  goes out to all my girlies and my sistas who are so far away from home because their husbands are seeking career fulfillment. By dragging yo ass wherever his wants to go. 

Kidding, of course, people!

Embrace the trailing!
Work it.
Bring it.
Own it.
Or it’ll own you.

EJ x

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