I <3 Diversity and Lesbians

One of the things I love about Singapore is that, despite the amazing diversity, you don’t see too many unpleasant or unattractive people. So it’s not diverse in that sense, but it is otherwise a real melting pot. (Literally! Make-up just melts off your face!! I had to see an expert make-up artisan when I arrived, to find out what products I needed to stop the dreaded face melt.) The other day I saw a Caucasian guy in a turban. Imagine that! I had never seen a white Sikh before. Singapore is awesome.

What is also awesome about the diversity is that you see a lot of lesbians, including of the butch variety. Even with them though, the same poor/ ugly rule applies. My hairdresser for example has a low gravelly voice, and dresses like a cross between a 19th Century English gentleman and a Gap ad. V cool. Her hair is cropped short, but it’s unbelievably shiny. I’ve added her to my secret girl crush list, only a few down from Ellen D’Generes and Kirsty Allsop.