What Fresh Hell is This?!

I have had to take some time off from being able to share my fabulous life with you, dear readers, because I contracted a classic Singaporean treat: Mycoplasma. Chalk that up (next to the smoke from Sumatra) under “things no one tells you before you move here”.

Luckily though, the shopping is good, and there are a lot of v cool restaurants around Club Street, so that cancels the other stuff out.

Anyway, my whole body became like a block of splintered wood, and it is only today that my fingers have recovered from the stiffness and aching enough to be able to type. Even now, I can barely raise my pretty head to look at the screen (the illness hasn’t affected my hair though, which is still looking keratin-lovely). It has been murder, I tell you. Poor me. I didn’t deserve this! Get well messages gratefully appreciated.

It would also help with my recovery if you would please have a look at the Join the Parteee! page. Thanks, beautifuls : )