I <3 Cluny Court & Michael Fassbender

After hot yoga this morning, I was so incredibly hot that I had to go to a movie to cool down. I went to one of those fabulous movie theatres, the suites, with the big reclining chairs. They couldn’t confirm whether the dim sum were wheat-free, so I just ordered a diet coke, and then I got so cold that I had to ask for a duvet.

After the movie (which was Frank – argh what on earth was that about? Why would anyone wear a mask/ fake head? And Michael Fassbender, we want to see your face!!), I had to go to Cluny Court (I love that place!) to pick up a bracelet I bought which had to be sent back to Paris to get fixed (such cool bracelets: handmade in South America). Unfortunately, it broke the day I bought it, but the lady at the shop was so lovely and helpful about it, and said it happens all the time. Such cool bracelets.

While I was at Cluny Court, I went to that gorgeous children’s shop. It’s so Crouch End, that shop. Likee a lot! If, dear reader (just the one reader still : ) hullo mummy, haha, mega-LOLs), you aren’t familiar with Crouch End – or Crooch End as the locals wittily call it – it’s a really lovely part of North London, England. Lots of artsy, media, celebrity, yogic, home- sprouting-type people live there. It’s nice because there isn’t that whole dreadful consumerist vibe there is here in Asia, but at the same time there are some super lovely shops that sell quirky stuff. It’s also cool because it doesn’t have a tube, which makes it slightly more difficult for ordinary people to get there.

I think the American equivalent would be Portland, Oregon..? Or maybe Greenwich Village, NYC? Not sure really because I haven’t been to Portland, and I’m basing my knowledge on the TV show Portlandia. I hope I’ll have an American reader one day, so they can let me know if I’m on the right track with my equivalating.

Anyway, so the kids’ shop at Cluny sells the same things as a shop I used to go to in Crooch End. It’s stupidly expensive, but I do like to pop in and get a retro wooden toy or a ’60s print baby dress, or a colourful Italian melanin beaker, because it’s just like being at home for a few minutes.

That’s another thing I love about Singapore: it has so many places that are exactly like other places in other places. V cool.