EJ’s Musings: Fascinating Details About Singapore/ Singaporeans

So I’ve heard that in Singapore you can get arrested or fined for being spotted walking around starkers in your own home. If that’s true, why have I not been brought to justice?? : D Why is no one noticing?? Is all the money I’m spending on private pilates sessions going to waste?!

Seriously, if that’s the case, I might as well switch to a group class. Much cheaper.

But on a totes diff subject…..

Singaporeans are just so sweet and lovely. A second ago I was crossing Orchard, checking my stats on the phone (thanks, Mummy, for telling your aqua aerobics group about my bloggie wog xx), and I accidentally trod on this guy’s heel. So of course, because I’m here as a guest, and I’m an ambassador for all Caucasians and expat wives, I went out of my way to mega-apologise. The guy turns round, smiles, and says, “Hey, that’s ok”. So nice. In England you could get stabbed for treading on someone’s foot, especially in the North.